Graylog displays wrong timestamp

Our application produces the following log line in a .log file in a JSON format:

{“@timestamp”:“2023-07-11T17:41:04.01258-03:00”,“@version”:“1”,“message”:"bla bla bla application message}

I did not configure Graylog but it seems that Graylog is collecting the logs from a folder, as the application does not upload it.

The problem we are facing is that the messages in graylog sometimes are displayed with the same timestamp in the message if it is too fast. It looks like it is not considering the timestamp inside the JSON log.

Do I need to configure my app log differently or do I need to configure something inside Graylog? I dont have the permissions right now.

I believe is something I need to configure into the pipeline processor? I dont have the edit button there.


Most likely you are using the logbeat agent to read the logs on the server and send to Graylog.

As for the timestamp, yes you could use a pipeline rule to extract the timestamp from the message and write it to the timestamp field.

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