Graylog delay index in a single topic

Hello there,

  • I have 3 clusters of Kubernetes (Dev, QA, Prod) that send their logs to Kafka with the logdriver gelf;
  • The Kafka + Zookeper is clustered;
  • I have 1 kafka topic for each Cluster Kubernetes (topic-DEV, Topic, QA, Topic-PROD);

My graylog connect in the zookepers and collects the logs according to my topic informed in my input.

  • My Graylog is clustered: 3 nodes
  • For Graylog I have a clustered mongoDB of 3 nodes;
  • I have an Elasticsearch with 5 nodes for the graylog;
  • I have 3 Inputs (input-DEV, input-QA, input-PROD) with the same settings;

2 Inputs work everything ok.
However, 1 of the Inputs has a very large delay in indexing the logs; And it’s always the same Input has this delay (Input-QA).

The time now is 11AM o’clock, but my logs are coming at 4AM

There was nothing wrong with it, because I created a new topic in kafka and sent the inputQA logs to it.

Yet he continued with this slowness.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?


  • did you find anything in the Graylog server logs?
  • did you see the same delay if you only have this single one running?

My problem was with the logging driver gelf, i changed to json, now work.


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