Graylog Connection Failed Help

(Richard Philips Roy) #1

I’m unable to connect with graylog running on Ubuntu.

15:48:38.540 [gelfTcpTransport-1-1] ERROR org.graylog2.gelfclient.transport.GelfTcpTransport - Connection failed: connection timed out:

(Jan Doberstein) #2

if you give a little more context - it might happen that someone can guide you … but with the little to nothing information it is nearly impossible.

  • How did you Install Graylog on what OS, what Version(s)?
  • Did you checked if the Input is running?
  • How did you try to send messages?
  • What software on what OS did you use?
  • Did you checked firewalls and routes between sender and receiver?

To name only a view informations that are needed.

(Richard Philips Roy) #4

Thank you for responding
I’m using graylog 2.4 running on ubuntu, I’m using GELF TCP as an input and its running fine, I’m trying to setup WIFI monitoring using nzyme by lennart koopmann, nzyme is running fine but when i check the logs

$ tail -f /var/log/nzyme/nzyme.log

19:28:44.858 [gelfTcpTransport-1-1] ERROR org.graylog2.gelfclient.transport.GelfTcpTransport - Connection failed: Connection refused:
19:28:46.053 [gelfTcpTransport-1-1] ERROR org.graylog2.gelfclient.transport.GelfTcpTransport - Connection failed: Connection refused:

(Jan Doberstein) #5

and your Graylog is running on the above username/ip and the configured port is used for the GELF TCP Input?

(Richard Philips Roy) #6

What should i do make it work?
Do i need to change Graylog Input Settings or Gray log config file settings ? Help Me
my problem is Nzyme is running but no messages are being collected in Graylog.

(Jan Doberstein) #7

Did you configure the Graylog IP/Hostname and Receiver Port in nzyme?

(Richard Philips Roy) #8

Thank you, i miss configured nzyme.

(system) #9

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