Graylog config in production mode

Hello dear,
I am new to this brave community.
I need to configure configure graylog in a production environment for my research subject on an open source SIEM. indeed, I have to configure 3 graylogs servers and two other servers that will be used as loadbalancing and failover.
I admit that I never rub the open source graylog if someone could help me please a copy of configuration in production mode.
thank you dear community

You should understand the Graylog’s working, and components first, so if I share my config, you can’t do anything with it, because you won’t understand what you should change in it. If you learned about it, it will help later in debug too.
Try best config maker tool, Eg. Google.
There are a lot of multinode installer guide.

There are many documentation, and example configuration in the first 5 hits.

If you do the first steps, and you get stuck, please let us know, I’m sure someone will help.

Hi macko003, as you told me
I already done then I try it and you the feedback

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