Graylog cluster, elasticsearch unassigned shards

Hi friends!
A couple of weeks ago we set up a Graylog cluster on two servers.
This morning I ran into the problem “Elasticsearch cluster is yellow. Shards: 84 active, 0 initializing, 0 relocating, 8 unassigned”. Elastic Settings: Shards: 4, Replicas: 1.
How can we return the green status of the cluster and replicate these 8 shards to 2 servers?

Hi @rmn.yalilov

First of all, you have to figure out why those shards are unassigned, and then fix those errors:

Here’s a Doc in ES Guide that might helps you:


Hi, @reimlima
The problems are as follows.


my guess is that the main problem is unequilized version in you ES Cluster.

Ensure all node have the same version installed and then restart one at the time and see if it fix the problem.

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