Graylog cloud: how does it receives log?

How does graylog cloud work?

Do I need to have graylog on premise and create a forwarder output to the cloud instance of all logs my on premise installation receives?

Hello @viciovb

There is a VM probably on physical cluster servers that you would use ( AKA GL Cloud).

I haven’t used the Cloud platform , But I believe after reading the doc’s its a another GL server within GL cloud, So I’m just assuming here, either you can ship your log directly to GL Cloud and/or use GrayLog server within your environment as a Proxy to ship to GL Cloud/

For a better understanding you may want to look at this post below or get a hold of sales would be you best information on there Cloud Platform.

Are you looking for a enterprise version? or just an opensource?


I’m looking for the enterprise version. I’m trying the free version at the moment and it seems very good but I’m not sure how the sales department can give me a quote of the enterprise and cloud version. Do I need to calculate an estimate of my volume tier?


If you setup free version you can track how much logs you ingest a day, for example, navigate
to System/Overview you can see how much logs were ingested per day. I believe they calculated it from this section. Since I haven’t used Graylog license yet, I’m not 100% sure on there pricing.

I think if you have under 5GB a day the license is free, but if not, when you talk to support then give them the information needed from that section and I’m sure they can give you a estimate. Here is a couple links they may help.

Hope that helps

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