Graylog and Windows log level does not match


Hi, I realise this may not be strictly a Graylog issue as I’m not sure where the level number is changing but it might be. I’m running nxlog on some Windows servers to send all logs to Graylog. I have some alerts and dashboards setup to highlight events with a level <3 (so errors and warnings). Nothing is showing up in the alerts or dashboards.

When I look at an error log details on the Windows server it has a level of 2. The same error is showing up in Graylog but it has a level of 3. I’m just wondering if anyone knows why the level number does not match?
Screen shot below of the same error.
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Log levels in Windows and Graylog do not use the same model.

For example Windows Event Log Level 2 means “Error” (see while Graylog Log Level 2 means critical (see

Since you probably want to use the same meaning and scale of “level” in all of your log messages, Graylog already did the right thing™ and translated Windows Event Log Level 2 (Error) to Graylog/Syslog Log Level 3 (Error).


Thanks jochen, so I will set my Graylog filters based on EventType or Severity to match the Windows logs.

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