Graylog alerts from a branch office

Hi All,

I have a quick question. Imagine the following scenario.

Two Office’s -
Main Office 200 users plus infratsructure
Branch Office - 50 users plus infrastructure

The offices are connected by a link but it does not have significant bandwidth.

I want to install Graylog in both locations and I want the log in the branch office to be stored at that location, so that the logs do not travel across the link between the offices.

My question is this, is there a way to send alerts from the Graylog instance in the branch office to the main Office? Can the http post alarm callback be used to register brach office alarm in the main office.

Obviously, I could use the email alarm to send emails but I would prefer to have the alarms all register in one place i.e central office.

Any helps



Hi @Magneton

how you send out alerts depends on your plugins and configuration. But Graylog is not able to receive alerts via http callback and act on them.

You would need to rethink how you handle alerts and could create a stream that only receive messages if you want to alert on that.
This specific alert stream is then forwarded to the main office and you receive only a small amount of messages but have all alerts central.

Hi Jan,

So I might i send an alert from the branch office graylog to the main graylog?

Which output plugin would I use to forward the alert?

Am I mising / not understanding something?


no plugin is used with that.

you create a stream, all messages you want to get a alert on should be routed in that stream.

That stream is forwarded to the main office via gelf output of the stream to a gelf input in your main office.

Hi Jan,

I was hoping to send over just the alerts to the office. I don’t want to send all the stream traffic as I have some semi verbose log sources.

I will look at using Slack maybe to get alerting to teams.

Looking at the API , it seems that there is no way to create an alert programmatically. Would this be a good feature suggestions in your view.


it sound like you look for something like Icinga, Opsgenie or Pagerduty (just to name a few).

That is not in focus of Graylog and will never.

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