Graylog 4.x and Elasticsearch 7.11.x?

Is anyone running ES 7.11.x with the latest Graylog?

I see that 7.10.x is officially supported by I just wonder if that’s because of when the document was authored.



TL;DR 7.11.x is not officially supported by Graylog. There are a number of issues that it introduces that we’re not prepared to support, and IIRC there are also licensing changes that make supporting 7.11 a challenge.


I feel this should be pinned or a note put into the Docs to highlight this. Could stave off a bunch of pain and suffering for people.


I upgraded to 7.11.2 today.
Elasticsearch service did not start after upgrade and needed some fixing.
But it’s running now with Graylog 4.0.5.

Hi @dani,

Can you tell us what did you do to fixing ElasticSearch to work with Graylog 4.0.5?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @dani and @aguida79 ,

As I mentioned previously, there are some actual technical bits that 7.11 introduces that actually break things (specifically around indexing). As such, 7.11 is categorically not supported by Graylog. While it may work now, we’ve seen a number of customers run into issues. That said, we don’t have a path forward for making it work, nor do we have an ETA on if/when we’ll support it. If y’all would like to continue discussing getting 7.11 working, my suggestion is to start a new discussion on it.

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