Graylog 4.0 RC1 - how to view map of geolocation?

Graylog 4.0 RC1 - how to view map of geolocation ?

No World Map entry appears like in a older version

Has anyone had the opportunity to test the Geolocation function on this version?
Same problem on Graylog v4.0.0-rc.2+49529be

Did you try creating a new aggregation, choosing World Map as a visualisation type, count as a metric and geolocalisation as a field ?

Thanks for the answer, last night just as you suggested I had solved it, right now I use Graylog version 2.4.6 and version 4 has a completely changed user interface compared to the old version
Thanks again for the answer

I think later you will find that 4 lacks a lots of useful features.
In this case 3.1.4 is what you need

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