Graylog 3.3, Hot/Cold storage, How?


I’m currently building a Graylog Enterprise setup.

The goal is to store logs on a long period, like 1 year. But i don’t need to access logs more than 2 months frequently. So i would like to move the logs from expensive storage to cheap one.

I discoverd Hot/Cold architechture in this post :

But the post is old and the infos seems to be outdated. Curator do not seems to be available anymore on ES 6.8.

I tried to see if i can use ES Indices Life Management, but it’s not available in the ES OSS installed with Graylog 3.3.

Any tips on how to achive this on Graylog 3.3 Enterprise ?

Thank you.

Response to myself.

It is possible, you need to use the regular ES package rather than the OSS.

You need to setup I.L.M (free since ES 6.8) :

  1. Setup an ILM policy
  2. Add another index template with the same index_pattern of the “graylog-internal” template, to map this template to the indices. In this template, link it to your ILM policy, set the routing.allocation to your «hot» nodes, set “order” to a positive integer.
  3. Stop Graylog
  4. Drop the graylog_* indices
  5. Restart Graylog
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