Graylog 3.3.0 search regex error (3.2.4 worked fine)


Just updated (Centos 7) graylog-server-3.2.4-1.noarch > graylog-server-3.2.5-1.noarch > graylog-server-3.3.0-5.noarch

And search “changed state to down” AND source:*rtr0 gives now error (it was working fine with 3.2.4):

“While retrieving data for this widget, the following error(s) occurred:
Unable to perform search query: Failed to parse query [“changed state to down” AND source:*rtr0].”

Is this a bug or what (new)syntax should I use now?

Did you check the allow leading willcard settings in the server.conf?

Seems either 3.2 ignored this option or this was a bug, as my search worked fine, even with:
“allow_leading_wildcard_searches = false”

Anyway, now changed it to:
“allow_leading_wildcard_searches = true”
and search works again.

I think it was something else. It is default disabled, so you have to enable it to work.