Graylog 3.0 API Error / Return to referrer page infinite loop + SSL Offloading

Hey All,

I have a single Graylog 3.0 server, freshly built on ubuntu 18.04 LTS:
HWLB: (Kemp, using Graylog Admin template)
http_bind_address =
http_external_url = https://logs.domain.local/

Kemp provides certificate. I can VIEW api browser, I can add inputs, search etc.
If I click on System -> Configuration I end up with a web browser doing a CRAZY fast loop between the graylog interface “Connection Reset” error page and reloading the Configuration page. It says it is going to “send me back to the page I came from” and it just loops really fast.

Also notable - if I go to api-browser, I can click ‘Raw’ on any entry and see the data - but none of the lists expand. Clicking on literally anything else on that page does nothing. Nothing displayed, dropped down etc.

Where do I even look for this? Nearly everything I can think of changing results in a white browser page, with the Titlebar indicating Graylog Web UI but a blank page.

To add an update.
If I don’t terminate the SSL on the HWLB - I have no issues.

I believe the mixed-content error is at stake here, and the API call was being blocked - and when trying to return to the referring page - it was reloading the same page that caused the error.

I think that you have to enable TLS AND include certificates on the node and re-encrypt the traffic on teh HWLB to do it this way - which defeats the purpose of SSL offloading to me. Anyone else ran solely plaintext nodes and fully offloaded the SSL (particularly to Kemp Loadmasters?).


Anyone else ran solely plaintext nodes and fully offloaded the SSL (particularly to Kemp Loadmasters?).

I do not have that with a KEMP - but with NGINX running without a problem in my lab. My NGINX config is like that one in the documentation.

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