Github repository log

Hi guys,
I have the task to read log from Github repository. Can you address me to understand if there is some Graylog input that I can use?

Somebody can help and address me to understand how I can start the project?
Thanks for your help

There is logstash input plugin for reading event from webhooks, I don’t know if it is something you are finding:

afaik @konrad has a polling script for that … maybe he shares.

thanks a lot.
The script can be very helpful @konrad, please can you help me?

Hi @gianluca-valentini,

I have a ruby script which I use, but it is not working properly. Some logs are not passed correctly, it is fixable but I never had the time to do it.

On a long weekend I did it in haskell since I wanted to play around with parser:

This works better, but has not yet so much fields as the ruby script has.

In both cases I take a custom git-log command:

git log --pretty=format:'%cI - %an - %h - %s' --abbrev-commit --no-merges --shortstat origin/master

and parse it. What needs to be fixed in the ruby script is that I use a dash - as a separator, which is not very wise. That’s why some of the logs get not parsed correctly since someone is using - in their commit message.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need help or you come up with a fix or a better solution.

- Konrad


Thanks a lot !! I will try to understand the script as I don’t know ruby.
Thanks again


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