Get combined execution time of event definitions

Is there a way to get the combined average execution time of all event definitions?
I’m currently having over 1100 Event definitions and I’d really be interested in how long they all take and how small I can set the recurring window without getting timing problems?
I recon there was some kind of API request available at least for checking the execution time of each individual event definition? I can’t find it anymore though…


Hey @dmuensterer

You could look at the metrics under /system/metrics/node/ or graylog API-Browser.

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Thanks I found the metrics there.
One more question: Is it normal that the execution_exception counter goes up when an event hasn’t fired? No exceptions in the log or anything but I found the naming a tad unfortunate.
Does execution_exception mean translated “number of executions that didn’t fire the event”?



I do think that is, but I’m not 100% sure. Can I ask where your getting execution_exception ?

Yep, there’s the following metrics:

"": {
      "count": 10
    "": {
      "count": 10
    "": {
      "count": 0

What I find a little bit unfortunate is that the metrics of execution time is only calculated it seems when the event fires:

"": {
      "count": 0,
      "max": 0,
      "mean": 0,
      "min": 0,
      "p50": 0,
      "p75": 0,
      "p95": 0,
      "p98": 0,
      "p99": 0,
      "p999": 0,
      "stddev": 0,
      "m15_rate": 0,
      "m1_rate": 0,
      "m5_rate": 0,
      "mean_rate": 0,
      "duration_units": "seconds",
      "rate_units": "calls/second"

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