Geoip_location is storing data as "lon,lat" not "lat,lon"

I am testing graylog 2.2.1, and I am trying to create a map visualization of ip data.
I am able to extract all the information fine, but the map was showing the entries in different areas of the world.
The documentation says that the geoip_location coordinates are stored as “lat, lon”, however, if I look at the document, it is storing them backwards “lon, lat”.

77.0, 20.0

How could I fix this?

Which version of the Map Widget plugin are you using?

The Map Widget plugin 2.2.1 is storing the coordinates in the correct order:

Also, geoip_latitude, geoip_longitude, and geoip_location don’t look like they’ve been created by Graylog.
Are you using any other tools to enrich your log messages?

Thank you very much Jochen.
It was an error on my side, as I had a log stash geoip plugin running on the input to graylog.
After removing the plugin, everything works well.


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