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I have a linux server and i forward the system logs to a graylog server.

But i have a log from a backup process created in /tmp/backup.log.

How can i forward this logfile to graylog ?

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I have follow this article [DBMentors - Inam Bukhari's Blog: Configure Rsyslog with Any Log File] and now my logfile is send to graylog and i see the trace.

But how can i say to rsyslog to take the first column of the trace file to get the time date ?

Here line of trace file :

2022/10/13-14:46:17 database sauvegarde: debut_script: debut - lancement script de sauvegarde
2022/10/13-14:46:17 database sauvegarde: arguments: database name : DATABASE
2022/10/13-14:46:17 database sauvegarde: arguments: catalogue RMAN: RMAN
2022/10/13-14:46:17 database sauvegarde: arguments: backup type : level_0
2022/10/13-14:46:17 database sauvegarde: arguments: purge ArchiveLog : 0

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Hello @mcoussi

I had to do this a couple times. Most, if not all log shippers place a bit on log file so it knows where the knew logs start. I’m not sure if beat shippers can do this but when I test configuration from forum this is how i upload those files.

In Nxlog you create a INPUT

<Input old_log_file>
  Module   im_file
  File    "C:\some\path\to\old\file\greg_labtop.log"
  SavePos TRUE //This saves the Posistion after NXLog restarts or starts. Set to FALSE to scan all of the Log file. When done sending set it back if need be.
  ReadFromLast TRUE //If ReadFromLast is FALSE, the module will read all logs from the file. .
  PollInterval 1

Don’t forget to set the Output and Route.

<Route >
    Path   old_log_file=> out

When you execute

root # systemctl restart nxlog

It will grab all the logs on that file/s.

Example I used your logs from above.

As for

Perhaps the Timestamp in the picture above is what you want?


I have resolved my problem with the logger command in my backup script to write in local syslog of server and forward it to Graylog.

logger -t mysql-${OPE_DB_NAME,,}-backup "${OPE_FONCTION^h}: ${OPE_STDOUT}"

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