Filebeat log file path

Hi everyone

i am newbie in graylog. i use filebeat for stream logs to graylog. when i want to search and use filebeat-log-file-path it doesnt show path of logs completely. how can i extend the frame of showing path of logs? thanks inadvance

Rocky 9.2
Graylog 5.2

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean it doesn’t show the full path?

hi Joel

screenshot of graylog search

because i have a lot of log files i need to see full path of logs.

So I don’t think you can change that width, except just making the window wider, but maybe running the show top values aggregation on that field would allow you to see all the values and select the one you want from the widget. Open the field list by clicking the X in the left bar, then click the file path field and choose show top values, then find your value in the widget click it and choose add to query.

thanks Joel

it worked :slight_smile:

can i brief the path?

Sorry, what do you mean exactly by brief the path?

I mean to shorten the path of the logs.
for example /opt/Oracle_Home/UserProject/domain/test_domain/Manage_1.log to

You could do that with pipeline rules, using functions like regex replace or regex capture groups.

If you want the data to always be changed then use the pipeline during ingestion. Or, if you only want it changed when you are looking at it you can use decorators to only run the pipeline in your search view.

thanks for your kind of help

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