Extractors problem

Hi everyone,
I crate an extractors and i see on exctractor preview everything ok.

But i see on extractor details “0 hits, 0 misses”.
What’s wrong in this case.

Sorry for this probably so basic or stupidly question but i’m a beginner on graylog.

you should try to hit the full line and not only what you want to get.

It might be an issue, but I would always try to fit the complete line, starting with ^

thank for answer jan.

i tried ^,$ and lot of combination but I couldn’t.
i just wanna take skip frame count on “09.05.2019 12:15:51.631 (7164) PERF: RtpOutput – skip 2 frame”

i wrote this regex “(?s)(?<=skip ).*?(?= frame)” and it’s work on test web sites and visual studio.
But dosen’t work this regex on graylog.

the visual test on regex101 uses not JAVA Regex like you can test on


as example.

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