Extractor Regex No Match

I’m trying to create an extractor and when I click the try button I get error “Regular expression did not match”. I used the syntax found here Extractors - Extractors with and without brackets around the whole statement.

Screenshot is here: https://i.imgur.com/n8gSeFm.png


Node ID:
4.2.0+5adccc3, codename Noir
PID 5480, Red Hat, Inc. 1.8.0_302 on Linux 3.10.0-1160.45.1.el7.x86_64
2021-11-05 14:40:54 -04:00

Only giving a picture doesn’t help me to test it out much… But you can use the same tools I would if I had the text of your message and regex… You can plug your information in here and it will parse your regex, show results, and explain what is going on in your regex command.

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The thing is, I’m just a network engineer trying to pull per building info based on the node description for my Meraki APs. I’ve never delved much into structured queries.

Here is a message sample:

<134>1 1636186331.633775439 SP2_216_AP1 airmarshal_events type=rogue_ssid_detected ssid=’’ bssid=‘22:18:0A:84:06:EA’ src=‘22:18:0A:84:06:EA’ dst=‘FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF’ wired_mac=‘00:18:0A:84:06:EA’ vlan_id=‘14336’ channel=‘2437’ rssi=‘47’ fc_type=‘0’ fc_subtype=‘8’

You could try:


SP3 matches the characters SP3 literally (case sensitive)

\S matches any non-whitespace character (equivalent to [^\r\n\t\f\v ])

+ matches the previous token between one and unlimited times, as many times as possible, giving back as needed (greedy)

All of the above from the regex101 web site - you wanted anything starting with SP3 and following to a white space so I used the Quick Reference section to find the tokens I wanted to use and double checked with the explanation that it explained what I wanted to do reasonably.

Regex is powerful stuff, worth learning for any IT IMHO. Here is a site I have referred people to in the past (Regex One) IT may start a little slow but it does a good job.

Also of note - there is a lot on Meraki you can search for in the community logs here you can even use this google command site:community.graylog.org meraki to restrict the search to just the Graylog community.

Thirdly of note - there is a searchable market place where people have already put together content packs that have Meraki extractors (etc) you could use.

Yes! That works the way I need.


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