Execute some rule but in order

Hi folks,

I’m starting in Graylog and I want tell that is great this tools. I’m trying do some things like execute rule but in order but I can’t do It.
So I want create this rule for example:

  1. One Stream for fails logon events
  2. One Stream for succes logon eventos

This idea is for:

  1. Aggrupation for same user
  2. Theses rule must execute in order, firts the one Stream and second Stream then.
  3. Alert if this condition is ok

I don’t see the way do It, sorry but I’m new in Graylog.

Thank you

with the current release it is not possible - but 3.1 will move into this direction and make it possible.

ETA - August this year

Great Jan! Thank you for reply!!

This plugin is exactly what you need: https://github.com/airbus-cyber/graylog-plugin-correlation-count

Hi Frantz

Yes, i’ve seen the plugin but i think this plugin not works for order. Do you test this plugin for “order” sequential (one, then two, etc…)???


This plugin works for order.
If it doesn’t please open an issue: https://github.com/airbus-cyber/graylog-plugin-correlation-count/issues
You can easily do “one then two”.

If you want “one then two then three” you need to add another plugin (https://github.com/airbus-cyber/graylog-plugin-logging-alert) which generates a log for “one then two”, so you can use this genrated log to do “then three”.

I’ll check that Frantz.

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