Excluding certain type of message from sending email

Hi Team,

I am sending alert whenever an error occurs by matching certain conditions in text say TestError-NullRefernce. In my condition I am matching TestError is present in the message and triggering alerts for those errors. But I have requirement I suppress the certain type of errors which are like TestError-ArgumentException so I don’t want to send an email when message condition match argument exception in the message how do I achieve this any help is highly appreciated

he @sayuj

you would need to express that in the search - to exclude those messages.

Hi @jan
I usually express exception in the search like “AND NOT (exception search here)”, but I think another field to write exception or a list of exception will be pretty awesome.


hi @jan i using condition to match the alert message say for exaple i have below log

MyApp-Error-This is Important error
MyApp-Info-This is an infoo
MyApp-Error-This is not important message

so in side condition i am checking <message=“MyApp-Error”>. Which will send me both the error message as email when the condtion is meet is their a way i can exclude the second error by keeping the first one to be send as email.

already open issue for that.

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