Event Definitions - "Search within the last" unique matches


I’m trying to configure an Event Definition (GrayLog 3.1.0) but I have a problem:

In “Filter & Aggregation”, I want to execute search every 1 minute over the last 15 minutes:

The problem is that every minutes, GrayLog triggers the Alert because “Filter has results”, how can I configure GrayLog to trigger the alert only once per event ? (I don’t want to re-detect the already matched events)


that is not possible - as you have given the search window for 15 minutes it will alert for all findings in that sliding window on a minute base.

Because that is what you have configured.

I have the following use case:
Computers send logs with a delay, and the original timestamp is retained. If I search only in a one-minute range, I will miss events (logs can be generated “now” but uploaded only in 10 minutes).

Is there a way to take this situation into account with the events?

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