Event definitions not create alerts

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Im new graylog, so im trying the setup my first Event definition but it doesn’t generate any alerts.

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    Ubuntu 20.04

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If someone have can fix it please. Thanks.

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Hello && welcome @mmaslouj

Judging from that screenshot, I’m unsure what the issue is. Does the word Failed get searched at all?

Testing, try to increase the search time from 1 minute to like an hour see if it will come though in the right pane.
Also, maybe use something like this with quotes.


Hello @gsmith,

You right, i was searching from events for last 1 min.

Now it start show me result in filter preview but still no notification triggred.

Now i start getting events but it show only the previous actions, the “Next timerange” not change by time.


I was just stating about increasing the search time to insure messages could be scanned, but 1 minutes is good for search time. if you don’t see it in one minute you may need to wait.

Next would be you notification settings.

Summary should look something like this.

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