Error parsing NetFlow packet

Hi everyone!
I searched a lot and there isn’t any clear response about Netflow plugin. Actually the version of graylog is latest and I try to get network logs even I set an input and a UDP section in rsyslog but when i run it Network IO is not empty but there is no message. When I try get logs of gray log deal with this error

ERROR [NetFlowCodec] Error parsing NetFlow packet <2d277682-9de6-11e8-8cbf-02002e8fd23f> received from <>
org.graylog.plugins.netflow.flows.InvalidFlowVersionException: Invalid NetFlow version 15411
By search I understood that there is two version for net flow and If I get ride of error I should change plugin jar version to 9 but I have some java file and packing them to jar doesn’t effect anything!

I solved that issue just by setting correctly Mikrotik or Winbox as described in
Thanks me

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