Error Message In Server Logs every 30 Seconds: "Error while trying to check Elasticsearch disk usage.Details: Null low"

I have upgraded from ElasticSesarch to OpenSearch 1.3, and now I am getting the following error in my Graylog server.log file every 30 seconds:

ERROR [IndexerClusterCheckerThread] Error while trying to check Elasticsearch disk usage.Details: Null low

I am running Graylog 4.3 on CentOS 7. Other than the error messages in the server.log file, there are no other alerts, and everything seems to work correctly. New messages are getting added to the system, and searches work fine. When I check the Overview page in Graylog, it shows the Elasticserch cluster is green, and on the Indices page, the Default Index set is creating and deleting indices without any issues. Rebooting server and restarting the services (Graylog, OpenSearch, MongoDB, etc.) have not fixed the issue.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

Hey @kmb

There was another issue like yours a while back.

Yes, I saw that thread when I originally was troubleshooting this problem, but the issue there was using an unsupported version of ElasticSearch. According to the documentation OpenSearch 1.3 is supported on version 4.3 of Graylog, so there seems to be a potentially different issues at play in my instance.


Understood, I do have the same setup as you do, Im running GL4.3 OS 1.3, MongoDb 4.4 with CentOS 7. This node is moving into Ubuntu 22.0.4. I havent had that issue yet, ill keep looking into it.

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