ERROR [DecodingProcessor] Unable to decode raw message RawMessage - GELF with NXLOG

having used NXLOG CE with ease and results in the past i ran into a snag with using the GELF TCP INPUT

Initially the input worked fine and consumed +200 eventlog messages in less than 30 seconds
then i realised the older messages were not being sent over so i reconfigured NXLOG to use ReadFromLast FALSE as to read all messages

Now i do not see any message arriving anymore. Surprisingly the input ‘show received messages’ does not show any message, not even those reported availabled.

Did you checked the NXLOG logs?

Thanks, this is nxlog sending from Microsoft windows. Partially fixed now, events arrive but do not show in the search. I see the errors reoccurring and assume these significantly slow down indexing.

i did check, no errors or warning; eventually i found something, setting both paramters delivered results

	ReadFromLast 	FALSE
	SavePos 	FALSE

as in

 <Input ms_system_eventlog>
     	Module 		im_msvistalog
                 <Query Id="1">
                     <Select Path="Microsoft-Windows-System/Operational">*</Select>
         	ReadFromLast 	FALSE
         	SavePos 	FALSE

This also requires for the GELF input to enable NULL Delimiter and use full field names, though i am not entirely sure if this made it work or is cause for the emtpy “show received messages”

I noticed the message RawMessage id are seemingly related, i assume the ID is structured based on input and transport etc. Notable here is payloadSize is <1000 for all

ERROR [DecodingProcessor] Unable to decode raw message RawMessage{id=…; codec=CEF, payloadSize=???; timestamp=…} in input <…>.
ERROR [DecodingProcessor] Error processing message RawMessage{id=4…; codec=CEF, payloadSize=???; timestamp=…}
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
at org.graylog.plugins.cef.parser.MappedMessage.( ~[graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog.plugins.cef.codec.CEFCodec.decodeCEF( ~[graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog.plugins.cef.codec.CEFCodec.decode( ~[graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.DecodingProcessor.processMessage( ~[graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.DecodingProcessor.onEvent( [graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.ProcessBufferProcessor.onEvent( [graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog2.shared.buffers.processors.ProcessBufferProcessor.onEvent( [graylog.jar:?]
at [graylog.jar:?]
at com.codahale.metrics.InstrumentedThreadFactory$ [graylog.jar:?]
at [?:?]

offending timesstamp looks like 2020-06-17T21:27:02.296Z

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