Elasticsearch indices are created every 10 days. How to change this to 30 days

I’m using elastic-search 7.10.2 to store logs from various sources. The elastic-search indices are automatically created every 10 days. But i didn’t any configurations for that. How to change this behavior like i want to create indices automatically on monthly basis.

Screenshot 2024-06-28 122536

IndexSet configuration:

  • OS - Ubuntu 22.04
  • Graylog Version: 6.0.2
  • Elasticsearch Version: 7.10.2

With that rotation strategy GL tries to keep index sizes within an “optimal” range - i.e. neither too small nor too big, since that negatively impacts performance.
The 10 days you are seeing is due to the difference between max and min you have specified. GL must rotate after 10 days to guarantee not exceeding max.
You could change your max/min settings to e.g. 180/150. This would give GL more flexibility in when to rotate.

Thanks for the information @patrickmann. I will check and let you know here.

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