Elasticsearch Error Circuit breaking exception Data too large

Hello Community, I’m getting this error in my graylog

While retrieving data for this widget, the following error(s) occurred:

  • Elasticsearch exception [type=circuit_breaking_exception, reason=[parent] Data too large, data for [<http_request>] would be [4155823926/3.8gb], which is larger than the limit of [4080218931/3.7gb], real usage: [4155811936/3.8gb], new bytes reserved: [11990/11.7kb], usages [request=3047/2.9kb, fielddata=13280741/12.6mb, in_flight_requests=79106/77.2kb, accounting=14215376/13.5mb]].

My environment is.
Graylog 5.0.7
Elasticsearch 7.10.2
Ubuntu server.

Anyone who can help


Can you share what the resources are for your elasticsearch/opensearch server (RAM) and how much heap is allocated?

Also what field are you aggregating for that widget and how big of a time range?

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