Duplicate Messages in one Index


I’ve just installed the first graylog-instance.

I’m ingesting Squid-Proxy-Logs - one UDP-Syslog Input is defined and used by 2 Proxys. an Extractor is connected to the input, I’ve defined 2 Streams to seperate each Proxy-Log in it’s own index.

Everything works as intended - except that each message is stored twice. One copy contains the original (raw) incoming message, the second one has the extracted fields. The only other difference is the graylog-timestamp and the ID (both are stored in the same index), the raw message is stored about 1 sec before the extracted one.

So the message is not sent twice, it has been removed from the all_messages index and is stored two times in the same index.

I’d like to get rid of the original message, can somebody shed some light on that problem ?

Thank you

Did you really checked if you ingest the messages only once? How did you ingest the messages exactly? What is your configuration for that?

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