Duplcated sources in dashboard after update form 3.1 to 3.2


After update from 3.1 version to 3.2 i have duplicated entries in the sources in the dashboard.


can you hepl me ?


Please share your elastic version.
Check your logs in the search also. Do you have these message twice or just once?
Share also your upgrade plan.

when I do a search, I don’t have any record of the sources in lowercase.

my elastic version is : 6.8.8

for the update, i followed the procedure :

before update, the command :

for index in curl -s localhost:9200/_cat/aliases/*_deflector?h=index; do curl -s -X PUT --data ‘{“properties”:{“gl2_accounted_message_size”:{“type”: “long”}}}’ -H Content-Type:application/json localhost:9200/$index/_mapping/message ; done

and after apt upgrade on debian

thx for your reply

before update, there were only lowercase values but in my search the values were in uppercase.


the question is why ? it’s strange

in 3.1 version,Searches are not case sensitive, i can do either eple-dc1 or EPLE-DC1 results are the same.

it seams to be different in 3.2 version

other info : i am using winlogbeat collector

I use 3.2.4, and I don’t see this behavior


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