Display fractional part of timestamp in a message table

In a message table I’m viewing a field OccurredOn which displays value 2021-02-17 03:02:18 +01:00.
It does not show fractional seconds. When I hover it over with mouse it is displaying 2021-02-17T02:02:18.03048835 + 00:00.

So the data itself contains fractional information but it is not shown right away. Is it possible to show fractional seconds directly in the table?

he @marcinb

currently that is not implemented you might want to raise a feature request over at github for this.

Isn’t there any alternative approach I could take? For example parsing it to another field as preformatted string.

sure that is always an option - but wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability in your profile as a user to select if you want to see that rounded or full?

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