Disk Space Calculation

Hi all,

can someone please provide a link about how to size the disk or how to set the rotation in order to avoid the disk of running full?

Current state:

The index set shows:
Total: 57 indices, 127,538,709 documents**, 40.3GiB**

but the disk shows about 150 GB used.

So the index set data does not match the real used disk space!?

he @shadesofgraylogger

did you have replicas configured? how many shards did you have? what elasticsearch version did you have?

Hi Jan,

no replicas, 4 shards in every index.

Elasticseach version…hm…how can I check in GUI ?

Hi all,

Im not sure about the elasticsearch version, but my question is a general one. How can I calculate the total disk space for all my indexes? Should be an easy question , isnt it ?

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