Detect when an input is not receiving messages

Is there any way to monitor inputs if they are receiving messages or not, and alert when an input stops receiving messages?

I think you can set an aggregation where count() == 0 over x time to fire off an alert. I haven’t done it’s worth testing (can’t test at the moment)


Hello @T1000-Cyberd

Adding on to @tmacgbay statement.

Yes, use metrics.

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[quote=“gsmith, post:3, topic:24406”]
es, use metrics.
[/quote]I know but i wanted an automated way to alert when an input stops receiving messages in a certain amount of time. Will try the aggregation.

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It Works great, only for one stream. I need to create rules for all the streams separetely then.

Yea - alerts as described tend to be set up for one alert per event type - I bent mine a bit to allow events and their alerts to be covered by as few Definitions and notifications as possible.