Deflector exists as an index and is not an alias


I am getting " Deflector exists as an index and is not an alias. (triggered 10 hours ago)" error message in the graylog console . So I’ve tried recalculating the index ranges as mentioned here but the message persisted . Now graylog deflector size is increasing only

green  open   graylog_deflector   5   1   56243233            0    225.5gb        106.2gb

Current indices stats are like this

yellow open   graylog_36         12   1          0            0      2.7kb          1.5kb
green  open   graylog_14         12   1   20014049            0     78.3gb         39.2gb
green  open   graylog_13         12   1   20031649            0     76.4gb         38.2gb
green  open   graylog_17         12   1   20012677            0     79.4gb         40.7gb
green  open   gl_0               12   2          0            0      4.5kb          1.5kb
green  open   graylog_19         12   1   20039784            0     74.7gb         37.3gb
green  open   graylog_deflector   5   1   57398402            0    209.4gb        105.9gb

I can see mesages are getting processed but its very slow and lag is increasing a lot.

Graylog server logs for index re-calculation

2017-08-09T06:07:51.842Z INFO  [RebuildIndexRangesJob] Recalculating index ranges for index set vkilogger (gl_*): 2 indices affected.
2017-08-09T06:07:51.906Z INFO  [MongoIndexRangeService] Calculated range of [gl_1] in [53ms].
2017-08-09T06:07:51.907Z INFO  [RebuildIndexRangesJob] Created ranges for index gl_1: MongoIndexRange{id=null, indexName=gl_1, begin=1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z, end=1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z, calculatedAt=2017-08-
09T06:07:51.852Z, calculationDuration=53, streamIds=[]}
2017-08-09T06:07:51.907Z INFO  [RebuildIndexRangesJob] Done calculating index ranges for 2 indices. Took 65ms.
2017-08-09T06:07:51.908Z INFO  [SystemJobManager] SystemJob <13abb3e0-7cc9-11e7-beb3-02428f5f13c0> 
[org.graylog2.indexer.ranges.RebuildIndexRangesJob] finished in 69ms.
2017-08-09T06:08:11.978Z WARN  [IndexRotationThread] There is an index called [graylog_deflector]. Cannot fix this 
automatically and published a notification.
2017-08-09T06:08:38.303Z ERROR [Messages] Failed to index [2] messages. Please check the index error log in your 
web interface for the reason. Error: One or more of the items in the Bulk request failed, check BulkResult.getItems() for more information

Please help .
Many thanks !

You have to stop Graylog, delete the index named graylog_deflector, then start Graylog again.

Also see Deflector exists as an index and is not an alias- graylog OVA 2.3

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