Daily Challenge: How to get the CPU and Memory for input/stream

Can you answer this member’s question?


I have set up graylog 3.2 on AWS cloud. There are 3 graylog nodes, 4 elasticsearch nodes and 2 mongodb all are r4.xlarge servers.

I wanted to look into the CPU utilization of my each graylog and elasticsearch server. what are the set of ocmmands that I can run?

Also, can we do something to get this data for each stream or input (different ports) that is configured? Like individual CPU and Memory getting consumed by each stream/input?

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Hello, Saurabh,

I noticed your question wasn’t answered in the community. Let’s get a few more focused eyes on your post by moving it to the “Daily Challenges” category.

While we await more responses, check out this video and text below the video and let me know if this helps.

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