Customise my email alerts


I would like to personalise my email alerts.
Currently, here is what I have set:


Un mauvais mot de passe a été forcé au moins 3 fois sur les 30 dernières secondes

${if backlog}
--- [Logs] ------------------------------------
${foreach backlog message}
Informations: ${message.fields.message}

Source : ${event.source}

Heure ${event.timestamp}
${end} ${end}

Here it is an alert in case several wrong passwords have been entered
Currently only the time field returns a value… how can I get a value with the wrong username? My information and source fields are not working… thanks

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Hello @tco

First , please use the markdown when posting Codes/Logs/Configuration files shown here :+1:

Second, your macros are incorrect in this section of the Notification file.

It should be like this.

Source: ${message.source}

Heure:  ${message.timestamp}

if you have other fields that are needed and are NOT default fields, you need to set them like this example:

Users: ${messages.fields.users}


merci pour votre réponse

j’ai configuré comme ceci mais je n’ai pas de retour dans le champ source :


Le journal d'audit a été effacé volontairement

${if backlog}
--- [Logs] ------------------------------------
${foreach backlog message}
Information: ${message.fields.full_message}

Source: ${message.fields.source}

Heure: ${message.timestamp}
${end} ${end}

i tried ${messages.fields.sources} et ${messages.sources}

here is the content of the source field I would like to display



you used messages:

Try it with only message:

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I showed this earlier.

it works for me

thank you

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