Cumulative sum aggregation

Hi, I working on creating a line chart to represent the cumulative sum of a field grouped by timestamps, let’s say for example the field represents the total count of the newly connected users.
msg1 = { “users”: 2 }
cumulative sum = 2.
msg2 = { “users”: 3 }
cumulative sum = 2 + 3 = 5.
When creating a line chart I want to represent cumulative sum / timestamps. How would I achieve that? would I be able to use pipelines?

Thank you.

Hello, Layali,

Thank you for your question. To help you get a community response quicker, I’ve moved it to Daily Challenges. Always consider that input or output visuals often attract responses.

While you await a community response, check out these links and let me know if they’re helpful.

Hi @dscryber,
Thanks for your response unfortunately non of the suggested solutions worked for me, except for Cumulative sum aggregation | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic which I am not sure how to implement.

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