Count REST API service

Hi friends
please guide me,

I have a one site with about 700,000 request per daily
And I have two Rest API service
I don’t see the right number of Rest API service
And when I use HTTP monitor, the numbers are not real

how did you ingest the messages?

hi jan
i don’t know really
You have no idea?

no idea until I know how you ingest the message. Because it is guessing only.

I just want to know that Graylog
How to get the number of requests from the service API (Rest full , SOAP)
It counts in web server iis 7

do you want to get the count for a specific field (number of c_ip) or did you want to know how many times a specific content WSDL is present in a field (cs_username) ?

You need to create a specific query that only shows the messages to get the specific count back. LIke

source:ws63 AND cs_username:"WSDL" 

something like that.

hi jan
Thanks for answering:
no want to get the count for a specific field (number of c_ip) and no count WSDL is present in a field (as username) But
I want to know how many requests I have any API (Rest full and SOAP ) inside WDSL
How do i find this ?

I do not know how you could query YOUR data to get that answered … can you create a query that returns that wanted value?

hi, jan

for me very important that [Monitor SOAP and Reast API webservices response time
and also web service to ensure that it is up and running ?
please guide me :pray:

Have monitor in graylog capability Web Services Monitoring Like software manage Engine ؟

To check web service availability, you can rather use software like Zabbix, web monitoring module:

Thank you for answering:

I am familiar with Zabbix software This tool is not suitable for API status checking
The best tool for managing and reviewing API
It’s a RedHat 3scal API management
However, after reading the link below, I realized that my problem with the launch of Packetbeat was solved
thank you very much:blush:

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