Correlation Event key

I’m trying to correlate two events, i.e. access point down, access point up (for which I individually set a key which is successfully shown).

However, the same key I use for the individual events, it is set in the correlation event, which should send an alert if an access point goes down and does not come up within 5 minutes. And in this case the key never shows up (in the alert email, or in the alert dashboard) , even if triggers the action (which makes me think it’s not correlating according to the key).

Any ideas?

Hello && welcome @ritail

To help you further can you show us by an example of what you did and/or configurations?

Hi there! That’s the correlation event config:

Which triggers some alerts, but they have no key (i.e. the mac address of the access point).


Hello @ritail

Correct me if I’m wrong, your looking for the Key in the Email notification? Or some where else you want to see the key?

Either in the email, or in the Alerts & Events dashboard

Now key value is always “none”


Ok I see now.

Event Definition navigate to Fields.


Hope that helps

To be honest, that’s what I already have:

It works with my my Filter & Aggregation events, it does not with my correlation event.

Ok, give me few I’ll check this out in my lab.

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