Copying / Merging ES indexes from one Cluster to Another

Hi there !

We use GL at our company for consolidating Apache Access Logs from 40-50 servers. We are planning a DR site test, that will run for at least 2 weeks. So, this is the situation: I have GL running at the Main Site, and during the DR site test, all logs will be collected there, by a different GL cluster.

Once we switch back to our main site, we will have 2 weeks of “missing” logs and messages. How can I copy/push the indexes/messages stored at DR Site GL to the main GL?

What alternatives/suggestions could you recommend me?

Thanks !!!

Depending on the version of Elasticsearch you’re running, you could use the Elasticsearch Reindex API for this.

I don’t understand how to achieve what I want to do with this ES feature/functionality.

Thanks in advance

You can re-index documents from a remote Elasticsearch cluster:

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