Colored messges / custom colors


I’ve found some info regarding the topic but I would like to ask once again specifically for Graylog 4.0

So, is there a possibility to set up coloring for the messages in the table and eventually set up custom colors for charts, etc.?

I’ve read some old posts and it seems like wanted features for years, so I don’t want to believe it is not possible. Please, can someone confirm there is no such option or vice versa?

hmm… I’ve found answer by myself here: Different color depending on notification level

I just wonder… I don’t know I would expect such functionallity as fundamental for search&analysis tools.

Well, I have free version so I don’t like to complain… I am very curious what leads the developers (or whomever) to decision not to support custom colorizing.

Two more questions :slight_smile:

Is that valid also for the enterprise version?

Ain’t there any workaround like using alternative web-interface? I know about some experiments on the browser level but that is not the likable solution at all.

If you doubt - just submit github issue!

@zoulja What is that related to?

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