Collectors "Start pattern of multiline" Regular

(michael) #1

I have question at Collectors “Start pattern of multiline” , when I set one Regular match it work fine.
But if I set two match string or whatever, it’s not work fine.


2017-04-11 or 2017/04/11

I set the regular is like:

/^\d{4}-\d{2}/ =~ /^\d{4}/\d{2}/\d{2}/
/^\d{4}-\d{2}/ | /^\d{4}/\d{2}/\d{2}/

How do I set this regular ?

Beats combining multi-line messages even after the multi-line pattern match
(Jan Doberstein) #2


if I took your example start - in my setup the following is working:


(michael) #3

@jan Hi, Jan
I set with you provider and worked fine!
But when I put the regular in the box why display “Invalid pattern”, then I put a string in Stop pattern of multiline and backspace it’s be ok.