Collectors on HA environment

Hello Guys,

currently we have an infrastructure which is 3 servers, the 3 of them running graylog, elastic, and mongodb, the 3 applications running on cluster, we have a load balancer in front of the servers, but we haven’t found a way to send the collectors information to the “cluster” just to single graylog nodes, we currently use nxlog as the collector with the sidecar.

Hi Bryan

We have a similar cluster at our company. what we have is our Load Balancer, “load balancing” the Inputs, in our case, we have GELF TCP inputs, so when the collector sends a message to the LB, LB forwards it to one of the 3 GL nodes.

If you need any further help, let me know.

Hi @scampuza, in my case I do not handle the load balancer, but seems that it needs a configuration for each port, so if im sending gelf tcp messages to port 12201, I have to request a rule for loadbalancing traffic on that port, and on each port i want graylog to be listening, is the same on your cluster?

thanks in advance.

Hi @bryan.cerdas.mcmcg.

Thats right.

I can give you an example, we have a Beats Input listening in port 5044, so, I requested our LB sys admin a rule in the LB as follows:

GrayLog Beats Input

a. VIP Address: (this is the LB IP address)
b. Service Port: 5044
c. Service Type: TCP
d. Balanced IP Addresses:,, (GL IP addresess)
e. Round Robin


You can order a port range from LB team. No need to order individual ports for inputs.

Hi @jtkarvo thanks for the suggestion, i will try that.

@scampuza @jtkarvo guys thanks a lot for the help, i will try to implement using your suggestions.

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