Collector Sidecar certificate signed by unknown authority error


When starting the Collector Sidecar on a RHEL 6 server I receive the following error: certificate signed by unknown authority error. The Graylog server has a valid certificate.

If I am reading the documentation correctly if TLS is enabled in the Beats input, then a self-assigned certificate will be created to secure the communications. However, in our setup we are outputting the filebeat messages into Logstash for filtering before sending them into Graylog. Since we are outputting Logstash via GELF UDP could we copy our logstash cert to the Graylog server and specify that in the input? Is there a Logstash output that would work with the Graylog Beats input? I just want to make sure I am not missing anything obvious :slight_smile:

(Jochen) #2

Yes, but GELF UDP does not support TLS (which requires TCP as a transport protocol).

No, none that I’m aware of.