CIDR notation in search?

I wonder if it is possible to use CIDR notation in the search field? I would like to use something like “source-address:”?
I see it is supported to use cidr match in pipeline rules but i see no mention of using cidr in the search?
When i try i only get errors like this one:

Error Message:
Cannot parse ‘source-address:’: Lexical error at line 1, column 29. Encountered: after : "/16"

When i escape the / i get no hits? Maybe it is the wrong type on the source-address field?

CIDR notation is currently not supported in the query language used by Graylog.

So how can the CIDR be used and where exactly can we use it before we would be able to search. or we can’t just make use of it?

Nothing has changed since my last reply to this topic.

So you’re saying if we want to isolate a group of private ip addresses, i have to input them one after the other and not their ranges. wow…

Feel free to open a feature request at