Check whether my servers are up

Hi, is there any content pack that i can check if all my windows&ubuntu servers and clients are up and running? i was thinking something like pinging… would be super helpful for a project. thank you in advance!

I’d look into something like Zabbix for this.

That sort of monitoring isn’t really what Graylog is designed for.

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hm… do you maybe know about an alert that gets triggered if there’s no logs incoming?

Yes, I have configured one for IIS logging.

You could configure an alert condition within Graylog to be triggered when there are 0 messages from a source in a specific timeframe.

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I tried this and it doesn’t get resolved as soon as i start my server back up…isn’t it supposed to be resolved as soon logs come in? these are the values i set: less than; threshhold: 1; time range: 1 minute; grace period 0 and message backlog 1…

for the stream i said it should look at the filed “source” and it should match the hostname i want to monitor… this is a step further i needed tho! thank you

maybe the mistake’s the condition type but i actually doubt it… please correct me if i am mistaken, but i took message count alert

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