Can't get Syslog messages


I have installed graylog 2.3 from the OVA image

all has gone fine, i can get messages in GELF format okay but when i try to get syslog messages from our network switches i recieve the following error message under search > messages:

ERROR [DecodingProcessor] Unable to decode raw message RawMessage{id=576c3f50-cb7a-11e7-a6b1-0050568b7b0c, journalOffset=826, codec=syslog, payloadSize=89, timestamp=2017-11-17T09:33:17.125Z, remoteAddress=/} on input <5a0dad00a7165905c859a6ef>.

i expect i have not configured something properly but i cannot figure out what. can anyone shed any light on my issue please?

any help would be much appreciated

Try using a Raw/Plaintext input instead of a Syslog input for the network appliances.

Thanks. That worked a treat! much appreciated

I need to change the IP of me newly created graylog server, i know how to do that by edditing the interface file but are there any other coniguration files that i will need to change to do this?

I tried changing the IP before but last time i did it through the interface file it caused my graylog server to stop working


Pretty much only what’s described in the documentation:

Thanks that worked. I appreciate your help

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