Best Practice Logging Graylog User Activity

Wondering if it is possible to log user activity for Graylog GUI in Graylog?

We would like to know when and who has logged into Graylog and if possible having this info in Graylog itself.

I’m aware of - but this log is ‘outside’ auf graylog gui. So how to add this log to graylog itself?

There is a internal log plugin at the market place but did not manage to get it work at my docker based graylog3.2.1 instance.

Plugin (Last commit Jan 2018?! - may or may not working in Graylog 3.x)

Any best practice, suggestions, ideas, welcome

he @dabrain

that is the reason for the audit part of Graylog Enterprise.

Having Graylog logging to the same Graylog is not really a good idea - you can create a loop of death with this. The linked documentation is by far the best solution.

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