Best API equivalent for "/count/total" (Total processed events) for graylog4

I’ve just accidentially needed to upgrade to graylog 4 because i’ve accidentially updated one of my elasticsearch nodes to 7 version. Now the api endpoint “/api/count/total” doesn’t seem to exist anymore. This indeed was used for a graylog2 nagios check which i am using in my monitoring.

I’ve searched through the whole api browser to find an equivallent but can’t find one.
Does anybody maybe know whats the new way to get “Total processed event count” of the cluster?

For now i’m using the “documents” stat from “/api/system/indices/index_sets/stats” but i’m not really sure if it’s the right one

he Paul,

it might be wrong, but that should not be gone, according to the docs:

You did not share what version are you coming from that is why it is hard to tell if that is gone in some of the versions in between. But when you speak of the counter that is visible at the top bar - that is still available.

Hi Jan, thanks for the reply. I came directly from 3.3.8-1 and the api endpoint still existed in that version. I have a nagios check which is using it and right after the upgrade to v4, it stopped working because it couldn’t get the count anymore. I’ve checked that manually and it’s not available anymore.

Maybe the documentation/changelog is not complete?

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